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So we have just launched our new intergenerational Sunday morning service called 'Together', which will be our normal pattern of worship every Sunday for at least the next year! So far the numbers have been 130-150, so a drop from our usual numbers on a Sunday, but the feedback has been fantastic. People are genuinely surprised that we can spend an hour to an hour 15 mins all together for all aspects of our corporate worship time. We've purposely made the services accessible to folk who normally wouldn't attend church and offer times for the congregation to discuss questions with one another and provide feedback on thoughts and views, as well as a quiet time of reflection. Lots of mini donuts, a variety of fruit and fresh coffee offered at the begining has been a welcomed addition as has new communion liturgy with easier words for kids and images that help children follow the liturgy. Anyone else experienced 'intergenerational' worship every week? We often do this through the summer but it's a new ball game al the time ... but we're loving it! And so are the kids.


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